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NEST TO NEST is based in Lithuania, one of the Northern Europe countries. We began our work with wood and metal in 2004. As a family business, from that time we have manufactured many types of wooden furniture, doors and other products for our customers‘ home. In some point of time we have discovered the beauty of vivid and lively garden, since then we have improved our garden production and now we can offer high-quality, handmade, full of warmth nesting boxes, that are designed to decorate Your home and actually nest various birds and other small wild animals.

High-quality materials

Our production is made from solid wood, basically, oak. Selected carefully, from socially responsible forests. Some of our products are decorated with handmade blacksmith items.

Handmade products of the experienced craftsmen

As this is a family business, located in a historical place of Lithuania where craftsmen are gathering through generations. Our workers have learned craft secrets from their parents and grandparents as well as gain the modern knowledge in various trainings.

Made in North Europe

We have designed our products taking into account authenticity of the Baltic history. The production house is located in genuine Lithuanian village, as well.

Open for experiments

As we have our production in-house we can easily adapt products for Your style, together make experiments, create custom items.