What makes these products special?

This is a family business, employing several generations, combining many years of authentic wood working experience and modern innovations. All products are made of solid wood, mostly oak, carefully selected from socially responsible forests.  All nest box measurements and entrance sizes are designed according to recommendations of ornithologists.

When is the best time to put up a nest box?

The best time for putting up a nest box is in autumn. During autumn and winter seasons, the majority of birds look for food and places to rest. In spring, they build their nests in the same boxes.

How do I put up a nest box?

  1. Attaching to a tree trunk.

This method is mostly convenient in forests, because it could damage your fruit trees. It is advisable to avoid this method in the spring.

Pick a convenient location for the nest box and use a stainless steel bolt and a drill to attach the nest box to the tree, using a hole in the back of the nest box. Don’t forget that trees grow both upwards and sideward and check if the nest box is still securely attached every two or three years.

  1. Hanging on a tree branch

Pick a strong branch that is convenient to the birds to approach. String the rope into the holes on the sides of the nest box. Tie it to the branch that you picked. The string is made of natural fibre and is thus environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

How do I clean a nest box?

All nest boxes must be cleaned of food residue, dead younglings or parasites. The best time to clean a nest box is in late autumn, i.e. at the end of October or early November, also in early spring – at the beginning of March.

In order to clean the nest box, open the roof and remove everything that is inside. Clean thoroughly using a brush and hot water.

Where is the best place to put up a nest box?

The nest box opening should be turned towards the north or east, because early in the morning, while the sun is not yet hot, the nest box gets some light and western winds do not blow directly into the opening.

An ideal height for a nest box is 2 metres, but in order to avoid sudden predatory guests, it’s better to put it a little higher, but without exceeding 4 metres.

The majority of birds do not like having neighbours of their own kind, thus it’s better not to put similar nest boxes nearby. A starling is an exception – starlings can inhabit the same tree, thus building small colonies.


When should I build a feeder?

The best time to hang or build feeders is under seriously cold weather, especially when there is a thick layer of snow or frosted trees.

Where should I build a feeder?

Build them in places, where the birds would be protected from predators and strong wind, but also could properly look around. The best place is somewhere in a lee near buildings or nearby individual trees or bushes.

Should I clean the feeder?

Throughout the winter, feeders are visited by many birds and thus quickly become dirty, accumulating bacteria that could harm the birds. It is advisable to clean it at least several times in the season. Use hot water and a brush.

How do I attach the feeder in place?

  1. You can hang the feeder using the special rope, supplied with the feeder. The rope is made of synthetic fibre, which is strong and resistant to environmental factors.
  2. The feeder can be attached on legs. You can purchase them at our website. The feeder already has special holes and the legs come supplied with bolts.