Bird feeder large “Copper bill”


*Feeder is made with hooks inside, it is easily hang up the feed.

*Bird feeding station made from high-quality EU oak wood . It is guaranteed long-lasting pleasure in the garden.

*Feeder can be hang in the tree or attached to the special leg.

Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 33 cm

Weight: 5 kg

Materials: Solid oak, copper  

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SKU 4779043320692

    Hexagonal bird table is made from oak and covered with strong roofing paper or copper. All these details makes it durable, high quality and long lasting. Use this feeder table for seed mixes,  straight seeds such as sunflower hearts, or use to hang up fat balls. All these feeds will appeal to a wide variety of garden bird species.  These bird tables are designed with large feeding areas, birds can sit all the way around the feed house and pleasure of the tasty feed, at the same time and overhanging roofs is protecting food in wet weather.  Revive your garden with a bird feeder and support the birds!

    Wood type